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Web Development

When it comes to creating a website, it’s essential that it functions well and that users are able to navigate it without experiencing any errors. This is where web development comes in.

Our job as a web development company is to take all the requirements you have for your website and ensure that they work seamlessly in practice. We have a team of highly skilled web developers who work alongside our design team to build websites that look great and function perfectly.

Is web development the same as web design?

Although the term terms are often used to describe the same thing, there is actually a fundamental different between web design and web development. Web design focuses on the aesthetic part of a website i.e. the colours used, the images, the layout etc.

Web development is concerned with the actual functioning of the website, which is achieved through programming and coding. Each website is different and some require a lot more development than others. Programming languages such as HML,CSS, PHP and Javascript are used to ensure a website is functional and feature-rich.

Although the two are different, most web development companies will also do web design and vice versa.

Things to consider with web development
  • How much functionality do you require? – Some business require a very simply text and image-based website that simply sho ws off their work. Others need a high degree of functionality that inc ludes the ability to add and edit a lot of products. All this must be taken into account when the website is being developed.

  • Which platform to use – When it comes to developing a website, it’s possible to develop a custom backend system or to use an existing CMS such as WordPress. Each approach has its pros and cons and which one you use will depend on the unique requirements that you have.

  • Who is going to manage the website? –A lot of businesses will have a webmaster who manages their website and make decisions as to what content goes there. A big advantage of using a CMS like WordPress is that you’re able to add multiple users within your organisation to your website and delegate different roles to them. This is very helpful for larger organisations.

Why Rapid Webx?

At Rapid Webx, we have a very balanced approach to web design. We understand that a great website should function perfectly but this shouldn’t come at the expense of aesthetics. This is why we spend a lot o f time ensuring that your website looks exactly how you want it to before developing it.

Our web development services will ensure that you w ebsite functions exactly how it should and that all your visitors have an optimal e xperience, regardless of the browser or device they’re using. Our websites are built to be responsive so you never have to worry about missing out on the lucrat ive mobile shopping market.

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